Here is an engagement write-up sample and form to guide you. If you need assistance composing your write-up, contact Judy Mason or call 601-656-4000. 

Here is a wedding write-up sample and form to provide minimal guidance. The sample has more detail, which we encourage.

Email your write-up and photos here.

There is no charge for engagement announcements and wedding write-ups in the Democrat.

Please submit photos and write-ups a week before desired publication date to or mail to or drop by 439 Beacon ST, Philadelphia, MS 39350.

Every effort will be made to publish on the date requested, but space requirements and time can prohibit.

Engagements should not exceed about 700 words and weddings no more than about 1,200 words. The Democrat will reserve the right to edit articles to fit space requirements and style.

Send news and photos of parties relating to engagements or weddings to