About $300,000 worth of high-grade marijuana was seized in a Philadelphia parking lot after the long-haul shipment was intercepted Tuesday night, the authorities said.

Sergio Lopez, 21, of 1285 Payne Way, Turlock, Calif., was charged with trafficking marijuana and is in the Neshoba County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers said Lopez likely came into the area within the last few days but suspects the marijuana was going to be distributed in East Mississippi. He did not know the origin of the shipment.

Thirty-seven pounds of marijuana were seized with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies coordinating in what began as a traffic stop in Rankin County and ended in the parking lot of a strip shopping center where Old Mexico is located on Line Avenue when the suspect took possession of the vehicle.

Myers said the man fled on foot but was quickly apprehended.

Rankin County Criminal Interdiction Deputy John Johnson seized the marijuana Tuesday evening which was hidden inside of a Honda passenger vehicle.

Officials determined that the marijuana was intended to be delivered to an individual in Philadelphia.

Agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics immediately began coordinating an undercover operation.

The car with the marijuana was delivered to Philadelphia about 8 p.m.

“I’d really like to than MBN and the other agencies,” Myers said. “It works well when we can work together.”