A longtime Sheriff’s investigator who is retiring this week was allowed to purchase his service weapon, following approval of the Neshoba County Board of Supervisors.

The board voted unanimously to allow Investigator Ralph Sciple to purchase his Glock 22 .40-caliber weapon for $1 after officially accepting his retirement request effective Jan. 31.

Sciple, a former DeKalb police officer and Kemper County sheriff, worked for the Neshoba County Sheriff’s office for almost 19 years. (See related story on page 1A)

In other action, supervisors:

• Authorized repairs on private property at 10261 Road 715 after the county garbage truck became stuck and had to be pulled out by a motor grader and bulldozer.

• Authorized an application for the FY2019 Mississippi Office of Highway Safety’s Impaired Driver’s Grant for the Sheriff’s office.

• Accepted a  $28,989.35 quote from ComSouth for equipping five police interceptor SUVs with law enforcement and safety equipment.

• Reimbursed two deputies after they replaced broken headlights on their patrol units after the unit barn had closed.

• Accepted the resignation of Samuel Madden with the county jail.

• Hired Jason Joe as a jailer at the county jail.

• Approved a 50 cents an hour raise for jailer Mykia Walker, after she completed her six months probationary period.

• Increased the rate of pay of Staci Akins by $1 an hour after she was promoted to jail supervisor.

• Approved a right-of-way utility permit for AT&T in order to place a buried cable on Road 286.

• Ratified 16th Section lease agreements with Crystal McGee, Mack Holley, and Wade and Leigh Allyn White at the request of the Neshoba County Public School District.

• Authorized the destruction of a Mossburg 12 gauge shotgun.

• Authorized the delivery of two loads of slag to the Union Public School Athletic Complex.

• Appointed Bob Henson to the Board of Commissioners of the North Bend Fire Protection District.

• Renewed the lease agreement for the Drivers’ License Station building.

• Approved a contract for the AS200 Hardware and Software Maintenance Agreement with Data Systems.

• Authorized the temporary employment of Jean Nowell in the Justice Court office for $12 an hour.

• Reappointed Oliver Jolley to the Board of Directors of Neshoba County General Hospital and Nursing Home.

• Authorized payment number four for the lease-purchase for newly acquired vehicles for the county’s use.

• Changed the mileage reimbursement rate to $0.545 cents a mile reflecting the change made by the state.