Kristi McCown will be one of several servers on Feb. 7 participating in an annual fundraiser for the CPC Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.
Kristi McCown will be one of several servers on Feb. 7 participating in an annual fundraiser for the CPC Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.

Every year volunteers with the CPC Pregnancy and Family Resource Center volunteer to work in busy restaurants to raise money for their ministry.

Kristi McCown, an organizer for the event and volunteer counselor with the Center, said this will be the center’s ninth time doing the fundraiser. It is their only fundraising event.

Each February, the volunteers with the center work dinner shifts serving food at local restaurants. Their tips go to the Center. McCown said she will be serving at Ronnie’s Steakhouse with her father, Mike Skinner, a long-time supporter of the Center and this event.

“This will be my first year serving but it’s a fun event for a good cause,” McCown said.

Participating restaurants in Philadelphia are Bloomo Diner, City Limits, Laredo Grill and the aforementioned Ronnie’s Steakhouse. T-Bones Steakhouse in Union will also participate. The event runs on February 7, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Last year, the center raised over $14,000.

McCown has worked with the Center for two years as a counselor. She said she was really impressed with the Center’s mission and the impact it had in the community.

“I really love this ministry. They have really touched me seeing the way they are working in our community,” McCown said. “We help so many people even if it is just to get some diapers while they are in a rough patch, but we also have people who have been coming to us weekly for a very long time.”

McCown is a Neshoba County native and Neshoba Central grad. She went to college in Starkville at Mississippi State, where she and her husband lived for almost 13 years before moving back home. Her husband, Jay, is also a native of the area and still works at the university. They have five children named Caleb, Joshua, Lily Isaac and Rose who range in ages from 24 to nine.

On the honor of being named cook of the week, McCown said that she enjoys cooking for her family, but does not feel like she is the master chef.

“I definitely cook family meals, but, I tell you, my husband and daughter are the real cooks in the family,” McCown said. “I just want to make sure they get their credit because I am sharing a bunch of family recipes.”

Pot roast 


Chuck Roast (my family at least 4 to 5lb)

5 tablespoons of flour

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil

1 package of dry onion soup mix

2 cans of cream of mushroom soup

2 cups of beef broth


Heat vegetable oil in a skillet, 

cover chuck roast in flour and salt.

Then brown on both side in skillet.

Combine beef broth, mushroom soup, onion mix and roast in container.

Place in Crock-Pot or oven at 375 degree

Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours. 

Other options: Instant pot for 2 hours

We serve with mashed potatoes

McCown family's Mashed Potatoes

5lb bags potatoes

1/4 cup Heavy cream

1/4 cup Sour cream 

2 sticks Butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes until tender, drain and place in mixers add all other ingredients and blend until creamy. 

White Chocolate Snack Mix 

1 bag Ghirardelli white chocolate 

melting wafers

1 box Chex cereal

1 bag Pretzels

1 bag of mini oreos

Can of peanut

1 bag of M&M's

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl

Melt chocolate and cover over to coat

Spread out on wax paper to dry