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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 6:00 PM
A few weeks ago I met a guy in Kentucky who’d lived through every trend of deindustrializing America.

He grew up about 65 years ago on a tobacco and cattle farm, but he always liked engines, so even while in high school he worked 40 hours a week in a garage. Then he went to work in a series of factories — making airplane parts, car seats, sheet metal and casings for those big air-conditioning fans you see on the top of buildings.
  • PERRY/The real puppeteer
    Political consultants Greg Brand and George Williams have pleaded no contest in the case of the anonymous mailer featuring caricatures of Madison’s mayor as a puppeteer during last year’s state election cycle.

    The duo last week entered no contest pleas to participating “in the authorship of and/or paying for and/or distribution of a printed campaign mailer” referencing elections “that did not bear upon the face thereof the name and the address of the author and of the printer and publisher thereof,” which is a misdemeanor under state law.
  • LOWRY/Is Trump a traitor, as Hillary says?
    Someone dares call it treason. Hillary Clinton used the occasion of the New York-area bombings to accuse Donald Trump of providing “aid and comfort” to ISIS.

    This speaks both to her desperation as polls show a tightening race and her foolish misunderstanding of what drives ISIS and other Islamic radicals.
  • “Be glad, O children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given the early rain for your vindication; he has poured down for you abundant rain, the early and the latter rain, as before.

                                                          — Joel 2:23 ESV
  • SEPT. 25, 1936

    Mr. Lewis Henderson, Assistant in Cotton Adjustment in the office of the County Agent here, gave an interesting resume of the AAA and soil conservation programs as applied to Neshoba County since their inauguration, at the Monday luncheon of the local Rotary Club.

    Mr. Henderson pointed out that more than $675,000 in soil and crop benefits had flowed into the county from the government, whereas approximately $450,000 in taxes were paid out in the same three year period, or a net “profit” to the county over $200,000.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/2nd Timothy 2:14-19
    John Bunyan’s classic work “Pilgrim’s Progress” is an allegory of the Christian journey by faith to the celestial city or heavenly city to be with God forever. Early in the story the pilgrim named Christian has a burden on his back that represents the weight of guilt and sin, but he loses it at the cross. He is subsequently greeted with peace, given new clothes, a scroll, and sets off on his journey that has many dangers, toils, and snares.
  • EDITORIALS/Tax hike never in bond issue
    County school taxes will jump an astounding 25 percent in 2017 mainly because the district has gone 40 years without a bond issue, a shameful failure to keep up with facilities needs.

    School officials have told the Democrat that most of the revenue from the tax hike will go toward paying debt on an overall $23.4 million building project voters approved last year where a new band hall and football stadium have already been put on hold because construction costs on the new high school have run over budget.
  • PERRY/Options for President
    Three of the candidates for President or Vice President of the United States who qualified to be on the ballot in Mississippi are from Mississippi.

    All told, eight parties qualified: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine for Democrats; Donald Trump and Mike Pence for Republicans; Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for Libertarians; Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for the Greens; Jim Hedges and Bill Bayes for the Prohibition Party; Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley for the Constitution Party; Rocky De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg for the American Delta Party; and Barbara Dale Washer and Cathy Toole for the Reform Party of Mississippi. The State Board of Election Commissioners was scheduled to certify candidates for the ballot on September 14.
  • BROOKS/The avalanche of distrust
    I’m beginning to think this whole sordid campaign is being blown along by an acrid gust of distrust. The two main candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are remarkably distrustful. They have set the modern standards for withholding information — his not releasing tax and health records, her not holding regular news conferences or quickly disclosing her pneumonia diagnosis. Both have a problem with spontaneous, reciprocal communication with a hint of vulnerability.
  • LOWRY/The Clinton diagnosis: Distrust
    With the Clintons, mistrust always pays.

    A couple of weeks ago, Hillary was yukking it up with Jimmy Kimmel over the absurdity of rumors that she was hiding something about her health. Look, she can open a pickle jar! That feels so long ago now that her campaign has admitted that she was indeed hiding something about her health — a pneumonia diagnosis late last week.
  • SEPT. 18, 1936

    Twenty-five community  meetings will be held throughout Neshoba County starting Tuesday, Sept. 22 to enable farmers to acquaint themselves with full details of the soil conservation program with respect to benefit payments which may be earned between now and Oct. 31, A.H. McMullen, county agent, said Thursday.
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