Phillip Martin's leadership is proven, and voters should think twice before risking the future to a candidate with far less experience.

We believe outside gaming interests have been pouring money into the Choctaw elections to unseat Chief Martin.

The stability of Tribal government is important, not only to the Choctaw people, but to the region because of the jobs Chief Martin is creating.

The Tribe is, without a doubt, driving the local economy. Three million people visit Pearl River Resort annually.

Outside gaming interests should not be running the Tribe. Phillip Martin's leadership is proven.

Chief Martin has been good to Philadelphia and Neshoba County and we want to continue that warm relationship, partnering where we can to create a better future for all.

Indeed, the election results speak well of his opponent's political savvy, popularity and ability to throw really, really good parties. But this is not a popularity contest. It's about the proven ability to lead with the integrity and trust we find with Chief Martin.

Nothing can make up for the sheer wealth of knowledge and experience Phillip Martin possesses.


Culturally, the Choctaws have given us much. Historically, they were horribly mistreated, but Phillip Martin gracefully reached out to his neighbors and bridged the divide.

Martin has nurtured the ideal of Choctaw self determination for decades and helped lead his people out of abject poverty toward economic independence.

His is truly an amazing story of brilliance and determination. Few leaders are in the Chief's league. Churchill, Kennedy and Reagan come to mind.

Although those are comparisons that at first glance may be lost here at home, the contrast economically is profound.

Chief Martin has been an excellent leader and now is certainly not the time for change, especially because outside interests think so.

An entire Choctaw middle class has emerged, thanks to Phillip Martin's determination to bring jobs. His leadership is proven and solid.

The stability Chief Martin brings to the Tribe and to Neshoba County is critical to our future together.

On July 3, vote Phillip Martin Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.