Corby Mason Goforth with her niece, Molly Mason Harrington
Corby Mason Goforth with her niece, Molly Mason Harrington
Name: Corby Mason Goforth

Current city: Denver, Colo.

Occupation and what it entails: I am a Senior Discovery Consultant with Falcon Discovery. I work with Falcon's corporate and law firm clients, specifically their in-house and outside counsel, regarding preservation, collection and document management related to litigation and/or regulatory matters, as well as provide managed review services.

Tell us about your family: My husband, Kiley, and our three dogs are enjoying the mile-high city. We are both Philadelphia natives and while we do not often make it home for the holidays, we plan our year around getting home for the Fair!

How long have you been coming to the Fair?
I've never missed a Fair in all my 34 years.

Tell us about the CABIN you are staying in: I've always stayed in our cabin on Founders Square, which was originally built in the early 1900s by my Great Grandfather Mason. Although the cabin we are in now was built in the late 1930s, having gone through some renovations through the years, though we have not re-built since that time. I am fortunate to have had two grandparents with family cabins, and my grandmother's, the Graham cabin, is just back door (which growing up to me only meant we had two Fair cabins to clean!)
What are some of your favorite memories of the Fair growing up as a child?
My childhood fair memories are playing in the mud on Founders Square (with mud boots bought just for the Fair), dancing at the Pavilion and visiting with family and friends that I only saw at the Fair each year. I also always wanted mom to do a loop through the Fair Grounds as we would leave Saturday morning, seeing all the cabins already closed up for the year was always so sad as a child.

What do you like best about the Fair now?
As an adult what I like most about the Fair is watching my nieces and young cousins enjoy the same things about the Fair that I did growing up and now being the adult that enjoys just being on the cabin porch swing and visiting with everyone at the Cabin and those that stop by to say hello. I love the fellowship and the Fair dialogue, "It's hotter this year than last", "Let's take a stroll around the 'grounds", "Ice!", "What are y'all cooking tonight?" (Which usually follows with, "Come eat with us, we have plenty"). I've learned we are all eating the same things, just on different days! You can have steak every night of the week and homemade ice cream whenever you so desire, if you just inquire around a little bit!

What events or happenings do you attend each year at the Fair and why?
I try to attend a little of all the scheduled events, the Rodeo, horse races, the music at the Grand Stand, Thacker Mountain. Of course since we're on the Square, we "attend" everything at the Pavilion/Square, even if just from the porch. The fireworks are a great finale' to the week!

What are some of your favorite "family traditions" at the Fair?
Our staple meals are Taco night, Shrimp night, Sunday lunch and Steak night, and as everyone knows, over the meals is when the best visiting is done.
It is also a pretty big deal to get your name on a "pickle" for our Mason Jar on the cabin, which has a pickle for all the Mason's that have stayed at the cabin through the years (though there is quite a cabin debate whether marrying into the family warrants a "pickle"!)
Watching the Fireworks together has also become one of my favorite traditions, as we all bring our chairs, get Lindsey's Lemonade and watch arm-in-arm as another Fair week comes to an end (not speaking of but knowing what special memories we've all shared throughout the week.)

What aspects of the Fair do you hope will never change?
Being older and having 1,200 miles between me and 'home', how fortunate we are to still be able to come together each year and live in harmony for this week really comes into focus. I love the family reunion aspect of the Fair, and the generations coming together and passing along their family traditions and sharing family heritages. Almost every year I meet a new distant relative or learn some new part of my family's history. The Fair is by far the most unique event I have ever come across and I hope and pray we never lose it. We are so blessed to have this place and it is okay if everyone does not 'get it', some secrets are best left as secrets!