Purses, handguns, cash, an iPad and a four-wheeler are among items taken in a series of burglaries over the past several days at residences in the city.

All the items, except for the four-wheeler, were taken from unlocked vehicles, Chief of Police Grant Myers said.

The vehicle burglaries occurred at residences along Carla and Terri drives and Knight Street in Country Club Estates, and on Holland and Poplar avenues and east Myrtle Street,  Myers said.

“It appears they are walking through neighborhoods at night checking for unlocked vehicles,” he said. “If they find one unlocked, they search for anything of value.”

The four-wheeler, a white Honda, was stolen Saturday between 4 and 5 a.m. at a residence on Woodland Hills Dr., Myers said.

“We ask people to be observant not only of their property but also their neighbor’s property,” he said. “If you see something suspicious at your neighbor’s house, call 911. We also want to remind residents to keep their vehicles locked.”

Mayor James A. Young also reminded residents to “help the officers and help our community by, number one, if you see something suspicious even in the middle of the day, call it in.  It doesn’t hurt to be cautious on the positive side. Also, secure your vehicles as much as you can. Together, we are going to catch these perpetrators who are doing all this foolishness and creating all this havoc in the community.”

A reward has been posted on CrimeStoppers for information in the cases.

 Call 855-485-8477 to report information.