Will Adams
Will Adams
Prior to his high school freshman year, Will Adams, son of Shannon and Lee Dansby Adams, participated in the Lott Leadership Institute for Ninth Graders which was held on The University of Mississippi campus.  For eligibility to apply for admission to the Institute, students had to first be nominated by his or her school administrators or counselors.

 Adams was nominated by the administrators at Copiah Academy.  Once students were nominated, they were required to fill out an application consisting of a resume,’ list of activities, and answers to essay-type questions asking for his or her opinions concerning current events and policies.  Over 600 students from Mississippi and from other parts of the United States applied for admission.

Only 50 students were selected based on their resumes,’ academic standing, and their answers on the admission questionnaire.

The Lott Institute, established by former United States Senator Trent Lott, was designed to further develop the students’ critical thinking skills and knowledge of current events and policies.   The aim of the two-week Institute was to cultivate and inspire honest, compassionate, and responsive leaders who would focus on responsibility and stewardship.  

The overall goal was that students who were chosen to attend the Institute would return to their high schools and put their new skills to work for the betterment of the community.

Accepted students came from all over the state of Mississippi to the Ole Miss campus where they were given a residential experience.

  They studied public policies and leadership all while forming bonds with their peers in the program.  As another part of the experience, students mingled with college administrators, student leaders, and community members.  

Accepted students also were enrolled in the college-credit course, “Problems in American Democracy.”  

“I certainly didn’t know what to expect from the Institute, but my experiences there have proved to be one of the highlights of my education,”  Adams said.