The Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care (Alliance), an advocacy group representing Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi, recently recognized Rep. C. Scott Bounds of Neshoba County, District 44, in the state of Mississippi for his role in protecting hospice in the state.

Samuel Crayton, Mississippi State Director of the Alliance, presented a plague to Rep. Bounds for introducing and ushering HB 411 through the State House in the 2013 legislative session to protect the quality of life for Mississippi citizens at the end of their Life.

Additionally, Bounds served on a Senate/House Conference committee to advocate for the bill and assure its acceptance, in its original form, in both houses by Republicans and Democrats alike.

HB 411 placed a two year moratorium on new hospice openings to limit expansion unless there was a proven need for an underserved part of the state.

In the cost cutting environment that exist today, Medicare funds earmarked for hospice patients could easily be cut or redirected if not for concerned elected officials such as Representative Bounds, officials said.

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