In an effort to help businesses make improvements, the Community Development Partnership has announced the Main Street Philadelphia Clean and Paint Grant Program.

The program will provide up to $500 per project for cleaning and/or painting of buildings.

Chamber/Main Street Director Tim Moore said the emphasis will be on the Main Street District, but any Philadelphia business is welcome to apply.

The grants are a maximum of $500, matching a dollar for every two dollars invested.

The application requires business owners to submit complete plans and specifications as well as secure a cost estimate for the improvements. The awards will be given upon completion and inspection of the project.

Moore says this program stems from proceeds made during the 2013 Ham Jam.

"We try to take our funds and put them back into our community and this is the project we chose," he said.

This is also not the first time this program has been offered. Moore says it was done successfully 10 years ago by one of his predecessors, and hopes to see similar, if not better results.

"We just decided to open it back up as a way to help our business owners and downtown," Moore said. "Some owners may be wanting to do some work because we know everything costs, but may need the extra little discount. We hope that everybody that has a need and wants to do something to their building will participate."

Moore says that one application has already been filed, and he hopes to receive more in the coming days and weeks.

Applications can either be picked up at the CDP office or emailed to businesses owners by request.

The deadline for applications is Sept. 1.

For more information, contact Tim Moore at 601-656-1000 or