The Neshoba County School District Board of Education and administrative team are asking for input on strategic planning as the district establishes plans, priorities and resources for the future.

The process ensures a focus on student achievement as the district continues to grow in an ever-changing environment. Strategic planning also helps the board anticipate changes and make well-informed decisions about the future direction of the school district.

The district has named a strategic planning team to lead the initiative.  The team, composed of the district administration team and members of the school board, will oversee this important project.

"Strategic planning is the core of any organization, whether school or business, that aspires to perform at a very high level, Dr. Lundy Brantley, superintendent of education, said. “The top districts have a solid plan that they follow and they are able to accomplish great things for their students and community."

Community input is essential to the success of the strategic plan, he said.

 Students, parents, educators, and community members are encouraged to be involved in the process by completing a short, anonymous survey at

For more information concerning the strategic planning initiative, the district invites citizens to contact Penny Hill at 601-656-3752 or phill@neshoba