The Philadelphia Police Department and Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office will be stepping up its patrols and checkpoints looking out for drunk drivers during Memorial Day weekend.

Police Chief Grant Myers said his department will be active Memorial Day weekend as part of a statewide DUI Blitz program looking out for drunk drivers.

Myers said the department will have extra manpower out on city roadways during the holiday and will also be establishing roadblocks looking out for people who might have been drinking and driving during the holiday season.

“We will have extra officers out working traffic during that weekend,” he said. “We stress to everyone that the risks of drinking and driving aren’t worth the damages that can be done.”

Sheriff Tommy Waddell said that his deputies will also be taking part in the blitz. Like the police department, the sheriff’s office will be increasing the number of deputies on the street and will also be setting up roadblocks designed to catch drunk drivers.

“It is something we do every years,” Waddell said.

Myers said that other officers around the state will also be cracking down on drunk drivers during the upcoming holiday.

Drunk driving can cost drivers not only a night in jail, but also thousands of dollars and possibly, their jobs, lives and the lives of other motorists on the roads.