We hope everyone had a good week and feels blessed.

We got some much needed rain and cool temperatures.

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. It was pretty Saturday for the flea market crowd. A lot of people were out.

It needs to be on the list for out of towners to see, a lady that has relatives in the Fork community said.

We say congratulations to Bro. Sam Fulton and the Pentecostal Outreach Ministry.

They now have a new church next to Northside Park.

We hate for the little church house on the hill on Fork Road to be empty but we hear Sister Rachel Wilson will be renting it to another congregation soon.

Nelda Harmond called Saturday. She is doing good, she said.

Jessie and Bobbie Nell Thrash have been sick. So has David, Jessica, Lilly Anna Rose and Ashton.

Andrew Thrash and his wife have a little baby girl so that makes Jessie and Bobby Nell great-grandparents again.

Pray for Diane Clark, Jonathon Nelson, Rachel Dunn, Clara Dunn, Barbara Sullivan and Todd Pilgrim and Shonda Ryals.

Pray for all our veterans and their families.

Pray for all the sick people out in the Fork and lift them up for healing.

Happy birthday to everyone having a birthday in the Fork community.

Our son-in-law Todd Pilgrim had a birthday on Friday, Nov. 1.

Nick Glass had a birthdau Nov. 2 and Marshell Coats' birthday is Nov. 6 and Ashton Coat's birthday is Nov. 10.

He is our great-grandson who lives on the coast.

We send a special hello to Bro. Lamar and Mary Grace Day this week. God bless you both.

November is a time for families and loved ones and friends to get together and share with others the bounty that God has given us all.

The Young at Heart will be singing at Choctaw and Atwood on Monday, Nov. 11.

We had to miss in October so we are really looking forward to going this month.

It is a blessing to see them each month.

God bless you this week.