An inmate in the Neshoba County Jail gave birth to a daughter inside her cell early Monday morning, although she'd told officials she wasn't pregnant, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

The mother, whose name was withheld due to HIPAA regulations, was incarcerated on an aggravated assault/domestic violence indictment when she gave birth to a girl during the early morning hours, Waddell said.

Her arrest stemmed from a charge that her year-old child was born drug addicted.

"At 5:45 a.m. two of our corrections officers were going through A-Block for the morning cleanup and inspection when an inmate told them the woman had given birth," Waddell said.

"It must have just happened. The baby was still attached but there were no difficulties."

The mother had been brought in on Friday and upon being booked she was asked by a Department of Human Services worker if she was pregnant, Waddell said.

"She said she wasn't," the Sheriff said, noting it is part of the normal entrance questionnaire to ask.

"Over the weekend three more corrections officers asked if she was pregnant and each time she said 'no,'" Waddell said.

She spent the weekend in the jail.

Waddell also noted that Blackwell was not visibly pregnant.

"It wasn't obvious," he said. "There were no visible signs."

After the birth the mother and daughter were taken to a Meridian hospital for treatment.

Waddell said if they had known she was pregnant arrangements would have been made for a family member to gain custody of the mother or she would have been taken to a hospital.

"We would have covered our bases," he said.

The Sheriff said the baby and mother were doing well.

"This is the first birth we've ever had at the jail," he said.