Allegations of voter fraud are being investigated by the District Attorney’s office after the Philadelphia Election Commission said they found applications where two county residents registered to vote in the city.

The Election Commission is verifying a large number of new voter applications which came in by the May 6 deadline to vote in the June 6 general election.

Election Commissioner Harold Richardson said both county residents in question were contacted by telephone.

“One said he was told by someone that he could register in the city,” Richardson said, noting that the resident declined to identify the person.

“The other one said she would call us back but didn’t,” Richardson said.

Assistant District Attorney Steven Kilgore confirmed Monday that it was “an ongoing investigation.”

He declined further comment.

The allegations have also been turned over to the Sheriff’s office, Richardson said.

The Election Commission is still verifying the large number of new voter applications this week.

“We know of two cases and we suspect several more,” Richardson said of the alleged fraud.

Richardson said voter fraud is a serious crime, punishable by up to five years in prison if found guilty.

“I promise you, it’s not going away,” he said of the alleged fraud. “I will go all the way to the Attorney General’s office. I don’t like this kind of stuff. I want to see that the election is fair.”

Voters will cast ballots in four races during the general election: Mayor, Alderman-at-Large and two Aldermen.