The trial of a Philadelphia man charged with first degree murder in connection with the July 14, 2015, death of his cellmate in the county jail was expected to enter its third day in circuit court Wednesday morning.

Justin M. Schlegel, 36,  of 11500 Road 571, is on trial for the death of Rexdale Wayne Henry, 53, of 158 Bogue Chitto Dr.

Henry’s body was found in his cell shortly after 10 a.m. on July 14. He had been seen alive earlier that morning.

The state charges that Schlegel beat Henry to death in the cell.

Most of the testimony for the state at press time centered on Sheriff Investigator Ralph Sciple’s testimony about the days leading up to Schlegel’s death.

The District Attorney’s office showed the jury video taken from the jail’s surveillance cameras which showed Henry being booked into the jail for failure to pay old fines and driving with suspended license on July 9, 2015.

The video showed Henry being moved into different cells before he ultimately ended up in a detox cell with Schlegel on July 14.

There are no cameras inside individual cells at the jail, Sciple said.

Sciple testified Monday afternoon that he was called to the jail after Henry’s body was found.

“In my mind he was gone already,” he said. “He was not moving or responding. I didn’t see any bruises. I didn’t have the least idea what happened to him.”

Sciple arrived at the jail moments before EMS and the county medical examiner. Henry was pronounced dead at the jail.

Sciple told the court that he called in the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations to take over the case since the death occurred in the county jail.

During his testimony, Sciple told the jury that he examined all the jail’s video “minute by minute” from the time Henry was first brought to the jail until the time his body was found and “nothing was captured to explain his injuries.”

Defense attorney Rosalind Jordan replayed some parts of the video for the jury which appeared to show Henry being “pushed to the ground to the cement floor” by two jailers and a deputy on three separate occasions.

Jordan also pointed out a section of the video were Henry was in a cell with five or more men on the day before his death.

She asked Sciple if the video showed Henry holding his side as he came out of the cell.

Sciple told the court that he might be “holding his side or holding his pants up.”

Jordan also questioned Sciple after video showing two jailers going into Henry’s cell about 3:39 a.m. on July 14.

Sciple told the court that the jailers entered the cell to remove “toilet paper with urine on it.”

Upon further questioning by Jordan, Sciple said Henry “was eating it.”

When asked if medical attention was given to Henry following that incident, Sciple said it wasn’t.

Henry had previously run for a Tribal Council position for Bogue Chitto and had previously worked for years at the Pearl River Resort.