The Neshoba County Soil & Water Conservation District is offering cost-share through the Beaver Control Program. The program is funded through the Neshoba County Board of Supervisor.

Terms and conditions for this program are: • As an approved applicant you have to be a non-industrial private landowner in Neshoba County. • The Neshoba County SWCD agrees to reimburse landowners $10.00 per beaver tail with a limit of 25 tails per landowner each year. • As an approved applicant it is your responsibility to enlist the services of a qualified trapper or perform the beaver control activities yourself. • Payment will not be considered until you present the SWCD with beaver tails.

Tails must include the posterior end of the tail plus 6 inches. The SWCD commissioners will decide on deviations from this rule. (For instance, beavers smaller than adult size.) 5.) Payment is available only for the destruction of live beavers.

If you are interested in the program you will need to come by the office and fill out an application, unless you have already signed up in the past. You must sign up for the program before receiving cost-share. This program will be set-up on a first come first serve basis until all money is obligated.

The intent of this program is to rid as much land as possible of beavers.

For more information on the Beaver Control Program call (601) 656-8783 Ext. 3 or come by the office located at 511 East Lawn Drive.