Neshoba is one of two counties bidding to take over Newton County’s 911 dispatching.

Neshoba County submitted a quote of $270,000 annually, while Lauderdale County submitted a quote of $225,000, officials said.

Despite the one-time startup and equipment cost of $38,500, Neshoba County would make a profit from the addition, said County Administrator Jeff Mayo said.

Neshoba County already dispatches for Kemper County.

Officials are awaiting decision by the Newton County Board of Supervisors.

The startup cost would primarily include the equipment necessary to provide radio connectivity to Newton County agencies and departments and also map call receipts and processing.

The new equipment will include radios, antennas, cables, etc.

The annual fee of $270,000 will include new personnel and training along with service and maintenance costs.

Neshoba County 911 Emergency Communications Center is expected to receive an additional 15,000 emergency calls annually with the addition of Newton.

As of Friday, Neshoba 911 Communications had received 18,131 emergency calls to 911 for Neshoba County compared to 5,669 for Kemper.

The center provides dispatching of emergency calls for the volunteer fire departments in Neshoba and Kemper counties, the Philadelphia Fire Department, Neshoba Emergency Medical Services, Lifecare EMS for Kemper County, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department and Kemper County Sheriff’s Department as primary agencies.

This capability is provided through having two emergency telecommunicators on duty continually throughout the year.

The Neshoba County Emergency Operations Center was completed in 2014 and shelters the Emergency Communications Center in a FEMA 361 designed building.

In addition to the 911/Radio Dispatch and CAD systems, personnel also monitor weather information via two radar/weather monitoring platforms, NOAA weather radio, and local television.

They also access NCIC at the two primary work stations and have another computer system for accessing the Internet and other information systems.