On Sunday afternoon, the male chorus of the Mount Ary Baptist Church celebrated their 35 year anniversary. Several male choruses throughout the area join them in praising God in songs.

Special thanks to all participants as well as others who came.

The anniversary celebration was another blessing.

Tony Luke was the guest speaker on Sunday at the Stallo United Methodist Church. Members stated that Bro. Luke brought an encouraging message from the 23rd Psalm. Bro. Jessie Clemons accompanied him.

Our prayers go out to the family of Agutha Lyons Clemons and to others who have lost loved ones recently.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Therman and Sylvia Moore whose 45th wedding anniversary will be Nov. 16, 2013. We wish them many more happy years together.

Family and friends of Elizabeth Moore Lyons met at the Mount Ary Family Life Center recently in celebration of her 80th birthday. The celebration was a happy as well as blessed occasion for her. We wish her many more years to come.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Sophia Holmes whose birthday will be Nov. 15.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Prentis Lyons on Nov. 20, to Heather Brantley and Abraham Moore on Nov. 23 and to Pricess Greer on Nov. 26.

Remember those who will be traveling to and from funerals of family members. Keep them in your prayers.

Thought for the week: Righteousness in our hearts produces beauty in our character.