The Mississippi Supreme Court has affirmed the 2016 murder conviction of Samuel Amos, 42,  in the shooting death of Marquai Ne'Ontae Kirkland in May 2014 in the vicinity of Northside Park.

Amos was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in what the state described during the trial as a “street gang-style killing.”

A Neshoba County Circuit Court jury found Amos guilty of murder as a habitual offender during the July 2016 term.

Amos appealed the conviction to the Supreme Court, citing a jury instruction about an accomplice and a motion for mistrial, both of which were denied by the Circuit Court Judge.

Amos was indicted as a habitual offender because he had three other prior felonies, including one violent crime for strong armed robbery in another county.

Kirkland, 22, was shot one time in the head inside a 2002 Ford Explorer on Parkside Drive in May 2014, testimony showed.

His body was found a short time later in a nearby wooded area by a passerby.

The jury deliberated for just over three hours before returning a guilty verdict.

Then-Assistant District Attorney Larry McMurtry, in closing arguments, called the murder a “street gang-style killing,” telling jurors that it was hard for him to understand how people “choose to settle differences at the end of a gun.”

He told the jury that Kirkland was killed over a $600 drug deal gone wrong.

“It’s a hard thing for average law abiding citizens to get their arms around,” he said.

The defense attorney claimed his client was “framed for a murder.”