The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors received one bid for new county voting machines Monday during their first February meeting.


Supervisors received the bid from Electronic Systems and Software (ES&S) ES&S is a provider of products and services for elections. The bid met the county’s specifications. It will go to reverse auction bid sometime next week. The supervisors will decide the price it right in their next meeting.


“We were glad to get the proposal,” said Jeff Mayo, county administrator. “After the reverse auction, supervisors will decide to accept or decline the proposal.”


In a related matter, supervisors approved money for the lease purchase of some of the voting machines, and for the new 911 Emergency Center. Supervisors are considering consolidating some voting precincts in the future and may not need as many machines as they do now. This will allow them to rent some of the machines and return them if they are not needed. The county is hoping to get a grant from the Help America Vote Act to cover some of the cost for the machines.


If all goes well, the county will put in the order for the machines later this month. Hopefully, the machines will be delivered in May which will give election commissioners time to train poll workers.


The county received two grants. One was a 75-25 matching federal grant to pay for body armor for the Sheriff’s Department. The grant was for $3,750. The other was a waste tire grant for $40,000 which would pay for the disposal of tires for the next two years.


In other matters, supervisors voted to:

              • Approve the re-striping pf parts of County Road 505, the part of St. Francis Drive which is in the county and County Road 612.

              • Approve the reappointment of Ruby Jean Brazzle to the hospital board of trustees.

              • Approve a resolution of support for a bill in the state Senate proposed by Sen. Jenifer Branning which would rename part of Highway 16 East as the Carson W. Bounds Memorial High.

              • Approve a request from the Neshoba County School District for two loads of sand and one load of gravel.

              • Approve a request for $100 for annual membership fees for the Mississippi Coroner / Medical Examiner Association.

              • Approve a request from the Mississippi Child Protection Services to use the Multi-purpose room in the Coliseum. Supervisors also approved the termination of an employee at the Coliseum.

              • Approve the county employee payroll through January 28 for $161,337. Supervisors also voted to approve the elected officials' payroll ending February 1 and totaling $31,415.

             • Approve accepting the claims docket through February 4, and the purchase clerk’s report for January.

              • Approve George Washington’s birthday on Feb. 18 as a holiday.

              Supervisors discussed a personnel matter in Justice County and a lawsuit entitled Sheri Patterson vs. Neshoba County.