Supervisors completed a public hearing Monday concerning the closing of County Road 2448.

Some neighbors were present saying they had no problem with closing most of the road, though they requested that 300 feet off of County Road 735 be preserved by the county as it incorporates access to their property and others.

County Road 2448 is a dead-end road that comes off County Road 735 just south of Highway 16 east of town, officials said. It ends in a dead-end into private property.

Neighbors also suggested that future developments might include some school bus turnaround considerations.

“I don’t know what developments are planned for the area but that is something y’all might want to look into,” one of the neighbors told supervisors.

The 300-foot line was established based on property lines, though some there may be some questions concerning right-of-way as some power lines cross the properties at about that line.

Board President Obbie Riley said that Road Manager Eddie Posey would go out to the property and make a determination before the board voted on the issue. He thanked the neighbors for their input.

Following the closing of the public hearing, supervisors took no action on the road closure.  took no action on the closure.