Bids will soon be advertised for up to three new garbage trucks for the Neshoba County Sanitation Department utilizing a new electronic format where bids are submitted online in an auction format.

The auction enables a supplier to place multiple competing bids for a product or service during a specified timeframe over a designated website.

County Administrator Benjie Coats told supervisors that the electronic bidding format, discussed during the recent state supervisors' convention, is allowed under state law.

"Some counties have had success with it and with anything else, some have not had good success with it," Coats said.

Vaughn Blaylock of Southern Procurement Services told supervisors that the only thing different about the new format is how the bids are received.

Supervisors will still compile the specifications for the new trucks and bids will still be advertised in the local newspaper.

The only difference is, vendors will submit their bids electronically, Blaylock said.

Coats said during the process, vendors will bid against each other over the designated website.

"They will see where they are ranked during the process, but they will not see the actual dollar amount of the bids," Coats said.

Supervisors will have the right to reject any and all bids and rebid the trucks utilizing the conventional format if they so desire.

"This just uses an electronics means as opposed to the conventional route," Coats said.

Road Manager Eddie Posey expressed concern that some vendors would not submit bids online.

"That's a fact," he said.

Coats agreed.

"This is the first time and why I think some people might have apprehensions about it," he said.

Blaylock told supervisors that the county could expect lower bids with the auction format.

"Over the last four years we have consistently saved our customers money," he said.

Supervisors agreed to try the electric format after being assured that the county could return to the conventional method.

District 2 Supervisor Kevin Cumberland said the main thing was "to save the county money."

Supervisors voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Southern Procurement Services to provide the electronic service.

The winning bidder will be responsible for paying the service fee to Southern Procurement.