A Philadelphia teenager received a 15-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery last week in Neshoba County Circuit Court.

Keewan Burnside, 16, of 1066 Frog Level Apt. 65D, pleaded guilty to the May 29 armed robbery of Super Saver convenience store on Mississippi 16 west.

The state charged that Burnside and Tyrone Richardson, 23, a co-indictee, brandished a gun just before midnight and robbed a store manager of an undisclosed amount of money.

The two men were wearing masks during the robbery, the state charged.

They were arrested a short time later sitting on the curb at the nearby Holiday Inn. The money from the store was found on their person, assistant District Attorney Chris Posey told the court.

Richardson had worked at the convenience store, he said.

In recommending the suspended sentence,  Posey said the state took into consideration Burnside’s age and the fact that he cooperated with law enforcement.

As part of the plea bargain, Burnside agreed to testify against Richardson.

“It was Tyrone’s idea to do this,” Posey told the court.

He said Richardson had not cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation.

Circuit Court Judge Mark Duncan sentenced Burnside to 15 years in prison.

The sentence was suspended and he was placed on five years of supervised probation. He was fined $2,000.

The court retained jurisdiction in the case for one year under the condition that Burnside provide truthful testimony if called upon against Richardson.

“That is to make sure you live up to these conditions,” Judge Duncan said.

Burnside is a high school junior.