Travis Boler
Travis Boler
A woman whose son is in the Neshoba County Jail, the son and another man have been charged with smuggling marijuana into the facility.

Cedric Pace, 26, 213 Johnson St., the other man, was arrested Wednesday for attempting to smuggle contraband into the jail. Pace attempted to smuggle marijuana and tobacco, also prohibited, in the bottom of a deodorant container, said Neshoba County Jail Administrator Jonathan Dearing.

“It was just enough to fit into the bottom of a deodorant bottle,” Dearing said of the 2 grams of marijuana recovered. “Enough for maybe a couple of smokes.”

Authorities intercepted a call between inmate Travis Boler, 28, 317 Pearl Ave., and his mother, Virginia, 64, 317 Pearl Ave., where they were discussing smuggling drugs and other contraband into the jail. Pace was apparently on the call as well, officials said.

Dearing said that the conversations he was able to overhear involved Travis Boler explaining to Pace how to package the materials and what materials to provide. The conversations at times also involved Boler’s mother in the planning of how to package the items. Dearing said that it only took three phone calls between the three suspects to acquire sufficient evidence to charge the three with conspiracy.

Dearing said that as part of the phone conversations he also has two other suspects to possibly charge in the matter, but has not been able to clearly ascertain their identities.

Dearing said that attempts by inmates and those on the outside to smuggle in contraband is a pretty regular occurrence at the jail. He noted that inmates have gotten pretty creative with the methods they will go to in order to bring illegal items into the jail.

“It might be more regular here more so than some places because we allow family members to bring (non-contraband) items in,” Dearing said, noting that he was in the process of working out having a commissary for items inmates may need and eliminating the ability of family members to bring items to inmates.

Dearing said that this isn’t the only such case he is currently investigating involving jail contraband.

“I’ve got a few more cases I am working on to see if I can charge someone,” Dearing said.

Virginia Boler was being held on a $15,000 bond, but has since bonded out and Pace was being held on a $5,000 and $15,000 bond, but has also bonded out. Travis Boler, a regular in the jail, according to records, is still in custody on hold out of other jurisdictions.