Neshoba General Nursing Home residents enjoyed the annual 4-H Pet Show which was held at the Nursing Home recently. Mike Reed, Neshoba County 4-H Director, arranges the show each year. The children and their pets were brought to the show by grandparents and parents.

There were dogs of all sizes and breeds. They were all dressed up in their best , some wearing red bandanas around their necks, others with fancy frilled collars, a couple of them wore doggy dresses, one rode in a stroller, another one had on a lovely black and white collar and matching leash, but each one was well behaved and seemed pleased to be attending. Their young owners proudly walked them in front of the judges.

Landon Beason, six year old son of Shelby and Ward Beason, received the trophy for Best in Show with his pretty caramel and white dog. After the show, the dogs visited with the residents, much to their delight. The Nursing Home staff expressed thanks to Mike Reed for the annual dog show event.


Have you been to the Neshoba County Library recently? If not, you really should visit and learn about all of the new programs that are available for adults. It is possible to read online books on your Kindle through the library. All that you need is a library card and the friendly staff will show you how to do it.

There will be gourmet cooking demonstrations on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the library, starting in July with an Italian program presented by the library director, Jacob Stark.

These gourmet programs will continue through December. Pick up a monthly activity calendar and discover new and different events during each month for adults at our library. It is open Monday through Saturday and has a delightful staff willing to answer questions and assist whenever necessary. If you have questions or want more information, please call 601-656-4911.


Clara and Pat Sims discovered a real vacation gem only a six hour drive from Philadelphia in Arkansas. Along with their grandson, Dylan Pope, Clara and Pat drove to Harrisburg, Arkansas near the Buffalo River. Their travels led them from flat land into the beautiful Arkansas mountains and gorgeous scenery.

The bridge over the White River appeared to be suspended in the treetops. Along the highway they saw many groups of deer grazing and watching the traffic pass by. In Harrisburg they all went kayaking down the Buffalo River. The guide assured them that no prior experience was needed since there were no rapids or white water, so each climbed into a kayak, grabbed a paddle and off they went. Clara and Dylan had no problem and went merrily on their way.

Pat, however, was another story. He had a problem with unbalancing and tipping over which caused much laughter from his two family members after they were sure he was okay. He righted his kayak and tried again several times before succeeding in floating down the river. The scenery along the way was worth the trip.

They spent time in Hardy, Arkansas where they rode horses in Griffin Park, watched a water wheel tuned by the river, and went kayaking again. This time the big adventure was riding on a zip line! Clara was rather hesitant to try this, but was reassured that "people from age three to eighty" had ridden it.

Not wanting to disappoint Dylan, she did what all good grandmothers do for their grandchildren, she rode the zip line! After the first shock, she actually enjoyed it. They found this area to be quite family friendly and offered other things to do including antique shops to explore and camping facilities for those who like to camp out. A good time was had by all three!


Xplosion is a fast pitch travel softball team which has played in tournaments all summer and all over including Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Brandon, Mississippi, Tuscaloosa and Hoover, Alabama, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

The team won three of these tournaments, finished seventh in one, and third in another. According to Amy Martin, they always have a great time playing softball together in the summer and always manage to find great food on their trips. Their final tournament the weekend of July 18th was rained out, so they traveled to Pigeon Forge on Saturday, did some shopping, visited Cade's Cove, and attended a dinner theater at Hatfield and McCoys. Sunday's game was also rained out, so a large group loaded up and visited Parrot Mountain.

The parrots were gorgeous with their vividly colored feathers and so tame. They sat on the girls' shoulders, perched on outstretched fingers, and in hands.

Others visited Dollywood which they thoroughly enjoyed. Again, the food was delicious!

They rode through the mountains to Blue Ridge, Georgia to spend the night and have even more fun. Twenty one members went whitewater rafting down the Ocoee River which they thought was a totally amazing experience.

On the way home they celebrated Clair Winstead's birthday with a stop at a Cheesecake Factory. This was a super memorable weekend for their final weekend of summer together. It sounds like a winning way to end the season!

Members of the Xplosion Team are Meg Martin, Ali Pike, Madalyn McMahon, Hannah Williams, Kayla Robertson, Claire Winstead, Katlyn Duke, Peyton Lippert, Mallory Vance, Sara Brock, Hannah Hall, Grace Dabbs, and Anna Katherine Nowell. Coaches are Craig Martin and Max Vance.


On a clear summer evening, Shirley and James Mooney hosted the B.A.L.L. group, Be Active Live Longer, from the First Baptist Church at their Fair cabin for fellowship and evening meal. President Jim Johnson welcomed everyone.

James Mooney gave the devotion and William Smith lead the singing of Happy Birthday to ones that had birthdays in July. William also led the group in prayer and blessed the food.

The table was full of fried and barbequed chicken with all kinds of sides and desserts. The Mooneys made peach ice cream. Everyone had a good time.

Present were Pete and Shari Adams, Rebecca Barnett, Gloria Burkes, Estelle and Lamar Fowler, Jean Griffith, Dorothy and Jim Johnson, Eunice Jones, Ray and Mary Marshall, James and Shirley Mooney, Barney and Brenda, Jane Parker, Jo Lynn Parker, Billy Sharp, Louise Sharp, Kermit and Sammie Sharp, William Smith, Patricia Trest, Ellene Turcotte, Madeline and Tom Vuncannon, and Erma Young. Guests were Don and Dephynee Elliot from Fort Myers, Fla., Bobby Pattillo will speak on identity theft at the Aug. 19 meeting.