Dr. Tiffanie Steward Deloach has been invited to conduct research at Shandong University of Science and Technology in Jinan, China.

The research involves understanding the dynamics of student persistence in higher education, the driving force that motivates students who enter college to complete their degree. Because the United States lags globally in the number of students who finish college and many colleges are experiencing a decrease in enrollment, it is hoped that the research will yield strategies that can help reverse the position. China was chosen in part because some studies indicate that for every one student that graduates college in the United States, China graduates 10.

While gathering the research data, Dr. Deloach will also teach sections of International Business, International Finance and International Marketing to the university students.

Dr. Deloach is a 1994 graduate of Neshoba Central High School.

She has built a professional reputation in international business, primarily helping companies increase their market share through global expansion in about 30 countries on five continents.

She is the daughter of Eileen Green of Newton and Leonard Steward of Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Deloach, her husband Brad (formerly of Butler, Ala.) and her daughter Alexis will split their time living between China and their home in Georgia.