The Neshoba County Fair will be held on July 25th thru August 1st. This is a fun time for many families in and around Neshoba County. Family gatherings are held, new friends are made and people you haven't seen since last year's fair suddenly appear.

Many activities will be going on and for many it will be time to show off the many exhibits that they have made or grown throughout the year at the exhibit hall. We often hear people say they should have entered a certain item in the exhibit hall at the fair. Well now is the time to make plans to enter those exhibits into the 2014 Neshoba County Fair.

The materials that you need to enter exhibits into the fair are available at the Neshoba County Extension office. The Extension office is located in the Neshoba County Coliseum. In order to enter exhibits in the fair an individual must be a resident of Neshoba County. Exhibitors can stop by the Extension office and pick up their exhibitor number and tags and stickers that must be placed on the items that they plan to exhibit. This information will be available today for you to sign up to enter exhibits in the 2014 Neshoba County Fair.

There are many categories that an individual can enter. These categories include: Adult Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Adult Field Crops, Adult Food Preservation, Adult Cultural Arts, Youth Posters, Youth Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Youth Field Crops, Youth Food Preservation, Youth Arts and Crafts and Youth Food and Nutrition. Youth between the ages of 8-18 will be exhibiting in the Youth category and anyone over 18 will be entered in the Adult category. Premium money along with ribbons will be awarded to individuals that enter exhibits in the Neshoba County Fair.

Stop by the Neshoba County Extension office today to pick up your materials to enter exhibits in the exhibit hall at the 2014 Neshoba County Fair. For additional information call the Neshoba County Extension office at 656-4602.

Mole crickets can do a tremendous amount of damage to lawns and golf courses in Neshoba County. These destructive insects hatch around the third week of June, so be prepared. One or two applications of Orthene, Dursban or Oftanol should control the crickets.

Chiggers, also known as red bugs, can be a problem in lawns. These insects usually attach themselves to humans in areas where clothing fits snugly, such as waist bands. Intense scratching results from chigger bites.

Check with a local pharmacist about soothing ointments for chigger bites. Mowing lawns and turn infested with chiggers will reduce their numbers. Sevin, Malathion and Pyrethrin applications offer good control.

Heavy rain has brought out millipedes and centipedes around houses and lawns. An application of Sevin in a band within 12 inches of house and patio walls will control these pests. Several applications at seven-day intervals may be necessary.