Edward Bragg
Edward Bragg
The murder suspect who escaped by jumping from a second-story bathroom window in the Neshoba County Courthouse on Friday had been out on bond and was not shackled, the authorities said.

Edward Leshun Bragg, 26, was apprehended Saturday hiding out with a convicted felon at a meth house in the Sandtown community, said Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell.

Bragg told the authorities he jumped and walked a ways before he saw someone he knew who gave him a ride.

Bragg, of 909 Gum St., jumped from the bathroom window on the south side of the courthouse shortly after learning that he had been indicted for murder in the 2016 death of 34-year-old Jamie Jermaine Yarbrough.

About 40 people were in the indictment room that has a bathroom adjacent to it. Bragg went to the restroom and when he didn’t come out officers went in and discovered he had jumped, Waddell said.

Tyrecus Hunter, 28, who was living in the house at Sandtown where Bragg was apprehended, was charged with aiding and abetting an escapee and two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, Waddell said.

Hunter in 2009 pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. He received a five-year sentence which was suspended. He was placed on five years probation and fined $1,500 plus ordered to make restitution to the victim for medical bills incurred.

A third man in the house, James Franklin, 22, of 10491 Mississippi 21 north, was charged with felony possession of crystal methamphetamine.

Bragg, who was indicted for murder in the 2016 death of Yarbrough, was arrested without incident about 3 p.m. at the house on Road 2641 in the Sandtown community.

He was charged with felony escape and was denied bond.

“We had been working around the clock following up on leads in our investigation,” Waddell said. “We followed a few leads, which panned out to be nothing. Then we received a tip that we felt like was the most promising lead we had since the escape so we got a warrant to search the house.”

“Bragg was found in a bedroom,” Waddell said.

Bragg, who had been out on bond, appeared in court Friday to learn if he had been indicted in connection with Yarbrough’s death.

“It’s not uncommon for someone charged with murder to be granted bond until they are indicted,” Waddell said.

Bragg went to a bathroom on the south side of the courthouse and jumped from a window, he said, noting that there were no known witnesses.

“When we arrested him on Sunday, he was walking fine,” Waddell said, noting that Bragg didn’t appear to have any injuries.

Bragg told authorities that after he jumped from the window he “walked a good ways and then caught a ride with somebody who took him to the house,” Waddell said. “He didn’t say who it was. His father was in the courthouse for quiet a while after he jumped.”

Philadelphia Public Schools were placed on lockdown Friday while Bragg remained at-large, Waddell said.

Assisting Sheriff’s deputies in his arrest was Caleb Page, a drug officer with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Bragg was charged with Yarbrough’s death after his body was found in a ditch in the Dixon community.

An autopsy showed that Yarbrough died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

On the day the body was found, a tip led city and county investigators along with crime scene investigators from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations to an apartment on Myrtle Street where video and other evidence were recovered.

Waddell said earlier that Yarbrough had “hung out” at the apartment.

Investigators suspected early on that the actual murder took place in the city.

Chief of Police Grant Myers said investigators believe Bragg broke into the apartment on the night of the murder and assaulted Yarbrough.

“A short time later, he assaulted him again in the parking lot of the same apartment complex where we believe the victim suffered the fatal injuries,” Myers said.

Sometime later that night, investigators believe Bragg moved the body away from the location where the initial crime took place and dumped him in the ditch at Dixon.