10 nabbed in drug arrests here

10 nabbed in drug arrests here


At least ten individuals were arrested with more arrests expected in Neshoba County as part of a multi-county roundup of drug offenders, authorities say.

Philadelphia Police Chief Eric Lyons said his department assisted in the arrest of 10 individuals, eight of whom were part of local investigations, on Jan. 23.

“Several more arrests are expected in connection with this investigation,” Lyons said.  

The Philadelphia Police Department executed a search warrant on Shelby Dr. in Philadelphia where three men were taken into custody, according to Lyons.  

Arrested were Darius Davis, 25, and Akeli Graham, 24, both of Philadelphia and Wilfred Maury, 23, of Jackson were all arrested in connection with this search warrant and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. 

Lyons said PPD also served five arrest warrants for the sale of narcotics associated with a six-month investigation into the sale of illegal narcotics in the city. 

Arrested were Robert Dobson, 62, Kaden Seales, 19, Dexter Carter, 47, Ja’Quez Lewis, 23, and Antonio Burnside, 49, all of Philadelphia were arrested and charged with felony sale of controlled substance. 

The Philadelphia Police Department along with the Neshoba County Sheriff Department assisted the MS Bureau of Narcotics in the apprehension of two local men wanted on Federal charges through the Bureau, Lyons said.

The sweep of arrests included efforts and manpower from the Philadelphia Police Department and Nehsoba County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Eric Clark said the roundup was part of a simultaneous effort that included Newton and Lauderdale Counties.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office also participated in this series of arrests, according to Clark and Lyons.

Clark said his office was still gathering information on their participation in the roundup and hoped to have more to report soon.

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