PAID POLITICAL AD/Deric Horne seeks election as District 5 Supervisor

PAID POLITICAL AD/Deric Horne seeks election as District 5 Supervisor


I am Deric Horne, Independent candidate for supervisor of District 5. This decision comes after years of thought, prayers, and encouragement from residents. 

My wife Tomekia and I have been married for 13 years and we have one seven-year-old son, Dalen, who is a first-grader at Neshoba Central. I am the son of Billy Joe and Hattie Horne of Philadelphia. We are active members of The Sanctuary of Philadelphia. 

I am a lifelong resident of Neshoba Couny for 45 years. I have been employed for 22 years with the Philadelphia Fire Department where I now serve in the campacity of fire chief. I have been a licensed real estate agent for 16 years with Hill Real Estate Group. 

During my career as a licensed realtor, I have gained a more in-depth understanding of how our property tax dollars are utilized. I have acquired better people skills and have dealt with citizens from all walks of life. This has given me a greater understanding of the everyday obstacles we face each day. 

In my position as fire chief, I oversee 30-plus firefighters and manage a $2 million budget. With this position, I have learned that local government does not operate the same as the private sector. There are many different aspects with policies and procedures that differ, such as purchasing laws, etc. 

If elected, I will utilize all skills I have obtained throughout both of my careers to ensure Neshoba Countians have a great supervisor that works hard for all citizens. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions or concerns at 601-416-7968.

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