PAID POLITIICAL AD/C. Scott Bounds seeks re-election as State Representative

PAID POLITIICAL AD/C. Scott Bounds seeks re-election as State Representative


To the citizens of Mississippi House District 44.

I am C. Scott Bounds, your Republican candidate for State Representative, District 44. Allow me to take this opportunity to ask for your vote, support and influence next Tuesday, November 7, in the General Election. 

I am the husband of 37 years to the former Jennifer Cheatham, who is a public and Tribal school teacher for 35 plus years. I am a lifetime member of First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, where I have held numerous leadership and support roles.

My record of service and achievements speak for itself. I am thankful to have secured many accomplishments for the residents of Neshoba County and House District 44, which have improved many aspects of everyday life for all of us.  

     Together, we’ve been able to secure numerous transportation infrastructure improvements. We’ve been able to provide enhanced safety equipment and statewide communication capabilities for our county and city law enforcement. And, we have been able to provide an environment through solid public policy that encourages private sector growth and success, such as the phase out of the state income tax, a measure that will place more of your hard earned dollars back into your pocket.

On the education front, I unequivocally supported the measure that raised our teacher’s pay to above the southeastern average and aggressively pushed legislation that have allowed our students and teachers to attain record-breaking triumphs in their math and reading efforts. 

I am proven Pro-Life and Proven Pro-Second Amendment, having been endorsed A+ by the NRA and a co-author of the Church Protection Act. 

As your current State Representative, I humbly ask for your vote and support on November 7. 

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