PAID POLITICAL AD/Mike Snow seeks election as District 1 Supervisor

PAID POLITICAL AD/Mike Snow seeks election as District 1 Supervisor


With the election fast approaching, I would like to say a few things on behalf of my husband Mike Snow who is running for Supervisor, District One.  

We have been married 47 years. The first five years of our married life, he work for Vicksburg Mid-River, Molpus  lumber company & U. S. Motors. Then we built our first chicken house for Choctaw Maid, now Tyson.  For 43 years he has worked hard to manage our poultry farm business. He has one of the oldest farms growing  Tyson. 

Throughout the ups & downs of life he has always worked hard and been a man of his word & a hand shake his bond.  

We have two daughters, Laura Cole (Howard) and Carlee Fairchild (Chase). We have 4 granddaughters - Laiken Cole who passed in 2018 from neuroblastoma, Sawyer Fairchild, age 7, that goes to Neshoba Central elementary & a new member of the TAG program, Piper Cole & Georgia Fairchild who are both busy 2 year olds. All these girls are our hearts & they think PawPaw is awesome. I don't exist when Mike is present.  

We are active members of White Oak Baptist church where he serves as a deacon. 

We love our church family & the Neshoba district 1 community.  

Mike has always served the  community in one way or another. He was member of Arlington Volunteer Fire department for 15 years. He served as firefighter, on the board & eventually as president. He has been a member of Farm Bureau for over 29 years. 

Becoming supervisor for our district would be another way he could actively serve everyone even better.   

I ask that you would prayerfully consider voting for Mike as District One Supervisor.  

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