PAID POLITICAL AD/Eric Clark seeks re-election as Sheriff

PAID POLITICAL AD/Eric Clark seeks re-election as Sheriff


My name is Eric Clark, and I am seeking re-election as Sheriff of Neshoba County. I am the 54 year old son of Randy and Judy (Keeton) Clark of the Good Hope Community. I married Stacie (Ely) Clark of the Coldwater Community. We have 2 children, Erika Neese (Joey) and Brandon Clark (Kayla).  Stacie and I are proud of our grands which include: Karsyn, Lillie, Kason Beck and baby Clark (August 2023).

When campaigning for Sheriff, I committed to providing a professional staff. I promised to proactively patrol our communities, and warned those that were “riding around stealing our stuff”. I pledged to be vigilant in the fight against illegal drug activity. Since these promises were made, we have made hundreds of drug related arrests annually. 

I continue to work daily to provide my staff with the tools needed to make Neshoba County a safer place to live and grow our families. I have no plans of retirement, as I look forward to serving the great citizens of Neshoba County for many more years as Sheriff.  We continue to expand our reach and have teamed with local recovery groups to provide help for those struggling with addictions.  

I will not compromise my position as Sheriff, and will continue to use a strong work ethic, support from my family and trust God’s plan for my life. I ask that you not get discouraged with my lack of door to door campaigning or lack of campaign signs throughout the county. I will continue to choose service over politics and that is what I feel makes me a quality candidate for Sheriff. I ask for your prayers and your vote as we continue to build a Sheriff’s Office that you can be proud of.

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