PAID POLITICAL AD/Shelby Beason seeks election as District 1 Supervisor

PAID POLITICAL AD/Shelby Beason seeks election as District 1 Supervisor


My name is Shelby Beason, and I am running for District 1 Supervisor. I am married to Marlo Morgan Beason, and we have three children Cole, Micaela, and Landon. I'm a member of Ocobla Baptist Church. I have lived in the Fork community of Neshoba County all my life. I am not taking this candidacy for District 1 Supervisor lightly. I've thought and prayed about it. I believe I am your best candidate, and when you vote for me, you will be voting for proven leadership, integrity, and commitment.

I have gained leadership skills over the years by serving on the Neshoba County Farm Bureau Board representing our county membership at the county, state, and national levels 20+ years. I am currently president of our county board and have served as such for the past 4 years. I have served as president of the MS Jersey Cattle Association for 6 years. Presently, I am serving on the Neshoba County Fair Board. I serve as the correspondent for Neshoba County with Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson. Finally, I own and operate Beason Family Farm.

I believe that over the years, I have developed the integrity needed to serve as supervisor by my willingness to work hard and develop a positive work environment. Respectfulness and understanding how to work with others is a necessity, especially in a board meeting setting. As your supervisor I will be willing to help others at any time.

I am committed to my relationships with others. I started a business from the ground up and worked to make it what it is today by building relationships and listening to my customers. I was willing to learn and train to commit to the boards that I serve and will continue this endeavor as your supervisor.

I humbly ask for your support in District 1. I will be fair, and I will listen to the people. I believe in striving to make Neshoba County all that it can be.and businesses in Neshoba County.

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