PAID POLITICAL AD/Trent Rickles seeks election as District 45 Representative

PAID POLITICAL AD/Trent Rickles seeks election as District 45 Representative


My name is Trent Rickles, and I am running for State Representative for District 45. The district, which is currently represented by the Honorable Michael Ted Evans, covers portions of Kemper, Winston, Lauderdale, and Neshoba. I am a lifelong resident of Neshoba County, currently residing in the Sandtown Community. My parents are Richard and Patti Rickles, of Philadelphia. I am married to the former Jade Savell, and we are expecting a baby boy in December.

I am a full time Deputy Sheriff here in Neshoba County, and I own a small engine shop here in Neshoba. I attend Trinity Baptist Church, where I am a Sunday School Teacher and a sound system operator.

If elected, I will be a fully transparent Representative by creating social media pages where I keep you updated daily while Legislation is in Session. I will also support the elimination of the state income tax, putting more money in your pocket each paycheck.

I will take measures that support first responders in each county, from Volunteer Fire Departments to your local police and sheriff's office. Measures will also be taken to make sure education is fully funded, creating better pay for teachers and support staff. Infrastructure will be a top priority. I want to make sure you can drive on roads in this district without tearing your car up. I also want to make sure you can pull over on the side of the road, if needed, without catching your car on fire because the grass is so high.

I will be on the ballot in the General Election on November 7th, and I hope that you will consider me, Trent Rickles, to be your next State Representative. For more information about my campaign please look me up on Facebook or call me at (601) 504-4543.

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