PAID POLTICAL AD/Terry Todd seeks election as Constable

PAID POLTICAL AD/Terry Todd seeks election as Constable


My name is Terry Todd, I am a candidate for Constable Place 1. 

I was born and raised in Neshoba County and a graduate of Neshoba Central High School. I am a life long resident of Neshoba County, currently residing in the Sandtown Community. 

I am a self-employed business man of seventeen years. Prior to that, I was a bread man for nine years with The Earth Grain Sara Lee Bakery. I have seven children and six grandchildren. 

I hold a deep love for Neshoba County and its residents along with the safety and well-being of both. I would consider it an honor and privilege to serve the good people of Neshoba County. 

If elected constable, I will work diligently to serve and protect the residents of Neshoba County. Therefore, I humbly ask for your prayers, votes and support in the upcoming election.

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